Token Simulation - User Guide

Good day,

I would like to know if there is some sort of guide or manual for using Token Simulation?
I have several questions about this plugin, for example around these topics:
how to configure condition types in sequence flows or details of other objects.
the meaning of different errors and how to deal with them.

I hope there is a single source
Thank you


Which token simulation are you referring to?

Token Simulation v0.6.0

This is a community extension so, if you have any questions you can ask the wonderful @philippfromme who might enjoy helping you with this :slight_smile:

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Ok, thanks Niall, as the last question, are there different versions or types of Simulators for Enterprise edition?

No, token simulation is for the community only

What’s your use case for the token simulation?

order-handling-logistics color.bpmn (22.1 KB)

attached is a use case, here, for example, I have to remove all the message flows plus the send message task before I can use the token simulation. is there any way that I can keep them?

No, message flows are not supported. The token simulation is focused on simple scenarios without multiple participants.

I am using ‘bpmn-js-token-simulation’ this,
When I enable token simulation it works fine. But in case of participant when i start simulation I am not able to see pause button after simulation start. Not able to see attached screenshot button in case of participants.

Can you help me out? Screenshot from 2021-03-08 17-11-11