Tokens in processes


I’ve got a question about questions from my latest BPMN test.

Question 1:
How many tokens will reach the end task, if there was one token at start of the process?
Answers: a)0, b)1, c)2 or d)3

Question 2:
How many tokens will reach the end task?

I was trying to solve this with “Token Simulation” plugin in Camunda, but:
*in exercise 1 - 2 tokens reached last parallel gateway and stucked.
*in exercise 2 - 2 tokens reached the parallel gateway, then merged and one token reached the end task. So in exercsie 2, I think that the answer will be: 1 token will reach the end task.

But I’m not sure about my answers, so I need Your help.

Thanks :slight_smile:

No problem!
Firstly it’s a BPMN test not a

Both question one and two require you to have a look at at the documentation a parallel gateway that should make it pretty clear

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Oh, yes, my mistake with this “BNMP”, thanks :smiley: Already changed it.

So, back to my questions. In question 2, there is one token at start, next first task splits token into two sequence flows, then the parallel gateway waits for all (in this case 2) tokens to merge them. So after the parallel gateway, there will only be 1 token in the process? And answer to my question will be 1?

But I’m confused about questions 1. Because there are two outgoing sequence flows from Start event, and the exercise tells us, that there is 1 token at start of the process. Is it possible for process to run on multiple sequence flows from start event with only 1 token?

In question 1 the parallel gateway has three incoming sequence flows so it will wait for all three tokens to let the process to continue. But in my case there will be only 2 incoming tokens, so the flow cannot be completed. And answer to question 1 will be 0?

That seems about right to me :slight_smile:

Great, thanks.
But what about question 2? Am I right, that every time after merging parallel gateway, there will only be 1 token left in the process, which will reach end event?