Tool recommendation for merging BPMN/DMNs in git development structure?

Hi all,

While working on our current project, a couple of teams are having to build out a business process (different parts of the workflow), and pulling merged updates from our git repo in the main development branch into feature branches has caused a lot of heartburn as far as getting WIP changes into the updated BPMN/DMN. Pretty much what happens is the development branch updates are accepted as-is and the dev has to manually add their changes back into the updated model. This is not trivial or efficient in most cases.

What options are there as far as tools that would make merging feature branch WIP changes with pulled development branch commits for BPMN and DMN models easier? I would prefer something that would allow for actually performing the merge, not simply viewing the differences between the branches.

Thanks for any advice/recommendations!

Note: We’re using Camunda 7 Run as our process engine.