Transaction Data/session space?

cc @thorben

Is there any internal API concept of some sort of Transaction session data space? Some sort of internal api that can be used to store data during a transaction? After the transaction completes, the data would be purged automatically.

edit: Something that is not process variables and would not be logged against history or runtime tables.

Additional question would be is there anything like this for Process Instances as well?

Hi Stephen,

There is no distinct concept to do so. You can always use a ThreadLocal to store something as a transaction is always handled by a single thread. Then, make sure to clear the ThreadLocal when the transaction ends, for example in a transaction listener or a command interceptor.

That said, what is your use case here? Note that 7.9.0 will have transient variables which you can use for storing data related to process instance that will not be persisted.


@thorben I was looking at a few use cases similar to transient variables. I can push them to the realse of 7.9 though. Thanks