Translation of labels not working

I have a fresh install of the pre-packaged-full-tomcat distribution camunda-bpm-ee-tomcat-7.9.0-ee, but am seeing labels in the UI that haven’t been translated to English. For example it’ll say ‘PLGN_MTRCS_EXECUTED_ACTIVITY_INSTANCES’ and ‘PLGN_CS_CASES’.
This occurs in two browsers (Chrome and Firefox) which have both Language set to English. In Vivaldi browser, which is also set to English it works fine.

From my understanding angularJs i18n is used to translate the labels to whatever value is mapped in en.json file in the locales directory under camunda/app/cockpit for example. I have tried to uncomment the locales setting in the config.js file without any effect. But that shouldn’t be required anyway since my browsers are set to use English i thought.

Any hints as to what is causing this little annoying hiccup?

Sounds like a cache problem - if you run in in Chrome’s incognito mode do you still see the problem?

Hmm, looks like you might be right since it does work in incognito mode.
But to my defense I had tried to empty the browser cache, and was refreshing page with devTools open and ‘disable cache’ enabled in devTools settings.

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