Triggering message catch event


I have a message intermediate catch event (without throw event), I want to trigger it by using RuntimeService, I have a processInstanceId in my hands and want to start the event in the same process. I tried it with messageEventReceived and I passed to it message name and processInstanceId, but it said that Execution with id ‘266a96a4-38ad-11ec-8532-8cec4b821513’ does not have a subscription to a message event with name 'MessageTermEvent.

So, what should I do?

When you’re sending the message, it’s usually considered a bit of an antipattern to include execution or the processInstance. It’s usually a better idea to start a process with a business key and using that as a correlation.

I’d suggest checking you this video for a good understanding of how messaging works

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Thanks, I’ll check it out.