Triggering Service Task from embedded form checkbox control

If I have a embedded web form that is a checklist of sorts, is there a way to initiate an email service task for buttons in the form?

For example, I have to initiate emails to other partners to gain access. I would like to keep the checklist for other items I am still doing (and waiting for) but trigger a service task within the form.

If this is possible, what is the best way to denote this in the modeler?

Thanks in advance,
New Camunda user…

@Karim_Gillani it’s doable. You can trigger either service task/send task by adding listener or non-interrupted boundary events to trigger a email and you can continue on working on that task.

Ways to trigger email in user task with embedded task form:

  1. Update task with variable
  2. Catching non-interrupting boundary event
  3. Configure UpdateListener to task and update a task with variable

You can decide which approach suits your needs.