Triggering State Transitions from an External app

Hello everyone,

We are implementing a business process on Camunda. This would be a revamped version of an already existing process. While implementing the initial version, we had used an external app to reference the Camunda data. This includes:

  1. Having custom views to different data in the Process Engine
  2. Abstracting the writes that happen on Camunda into simple web forms
  3. Handle Business logic and trigger state transitions

I was thinking if this is the best way to go about in the future. Can any of these things be don e differently. I understand that 1 & 2 being custom functions would have very less scope of improvement in terms of Camunda functionality, but 3 is something that I want to know more about. For eg. using variables for process instances and well defined conditions at each gateways to have these transitions be done automatically through conditions(this is something we don’t do currently).

It would be great to have insights about your Camunda journey in regard to the above scenario.