UI feedback after successfully ending task


Our team recently decided to integrate Camunda more strongly with a future release and we’re still only starting to build our knowledge base. Right now we’re testing the waters about what will be possible and what probably won’t.

We’re working on a basic web application using JSF / Primefaces. Nothing too special: the user has various options to interact with orders from a database, with a visual feedback for successful actions.

Now we’d like to introduce Camunda to interact with the DB - so, the UI triggers some Camunda task for a specific process (corresponding to a specific order). The task (that may take an unknown amount of time) is executed asynchronously while the user already gets forwarded to some target page.

User input validation has to happen synchronously before invoking the Camunda task, but what about success messages? We would need a way to
a) remember which session (which user) triggered a specific action
b) notify said user when the action is done, probably by invoking some frontend bean method to display a popup or something.

So I’d be very happy about buzzwords, links, guides, tips, anything useful for this regard. Maybe my Google skill is too weak, or I just haven’t learned the right vocabulary yet. But I wasn’t able to immediately find an obvious solution right away :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance, greetings