Unable to delete a Process Definition : Returns error

Hi ,
I use the below method in my REST API to delete a process instance
DELETE /process-definition/key/{key}/delete

Though am able to successfully delete the process definition from my local camunda instance am unable to do the same on a Camunda engine deployed on a server(clustered environment).
I confirmed that the key which I have used is valid.
The error i get is like this -

HTTP Status 404 - Could not find resource for relative : /process-definition/key/Process_key_2101/delete of full path: http://<**serverIP**>:9090/engine-rest/process-definition/key/Process_key_2101/delete

My local camunda version is 7.8 and that of the server is 7.9

Please help.

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Hey Albin,

are you sure that you are running the Camunda Server on port 9090?

Cheers, Ben

yes. Very sure

Maybe engine-rest is not deployed on the node that you access from your client?

its deployed on the same node.I have deployed a process instance there and also have updated the same.The problem is with delete rest end point only.

I just verified it with a local instance of 7.9 and it works perfectly fine for me. I guess there must be something wrong with your remote server / cluster / reverse proxy setup.

Hi @benhoffmann ,
Could you please confirm that you have used the below rest end point to delete the deployed process instance.
Delete /engine-rest/process-definition/key/{key}/delete

Thanks ,

Yep, that’s what I used:



Thanks @benhoffmann ,
Is it mandatory to use the query parameter ‘?cascade=true’.


Hi @Albin_Chandy,

no it’s not, but in my case I had instances running and that is why I used it. If you don’t include it and have instances running, you will get a proper Rest Exception telling you that you can’t delete the definition without cascade.


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Hi @benhoffmann …I tried several times and still am unable to delete :frowning:
Could you please let me know where it could be wrong in the ‘remote server / cluster / reverse proxy setup’.

Its working fine now…The problem was with the installed version of Camunda in the server.