Unable to deploy bpmn process using zbctl

I try to deploy process to zeebe using zbctl
after typing command : zbctl deploy diagram_test_1.bpmn
I got this error:
Error: rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = connection error: desc = "transport: Error while dialing dial tcp connect: connection refused"

I got the same arror when trying zbctl status command

It looks like zeebe cluster is not working properly.

Can somebody help me?

Hey @terez_socho ,

Yes, it seems like you don’t establish a connection to your Zeebe Cluster. Can you check your port to see if Zeebe is running? Is Zeebe maybe running at a different port?

Kind regards

I am not sure how to check port. Can you give me a hint how to do it?

There are multiple options how you can check your ports. Also depends a little bit how you started up Zeebe. If you used docker you can use a tool like Portainer to see your running containers. You can also try localhost to see if the Zeebe is running and you are able to connect to the Frontend applications.

You can use your CLI. At least in Linux , but I am sure there are options in Windows and Mac as well.

Hope that helps
Kind regards

Thanks for your help. My Zeebe cluaster was running, but I could not access it outside of the cluster.
So this command solved it:

kubectl port-forward svc/c8test-zeebe-gateway 26500:26500 -n default
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