Unable to get response variable from connector back to process instance using Camunda-Connector-SDK 0.2.0

The process is to create database in Postgres, it was working with Camunda-SDK 0.1.0.

I was able to get the response value.

But I have recently updated my project to 0.2.0 ( Changes Request class, WorkerClass ) Outbound Connector Annotations.

And added workers in io.camunda.connector.api.outbound.OutboundConnectorFunction file for SPI

Test class is working fine but I’m getting issue while using this connector in BPMN.

In process diagram I have more than one connector and the execution is getting stopped at first connector and an incident is being create in Operate as: failed to evaluate expression ‘{status: status}’: no variable found for name ‘status’

status is the output variable name in connector ( It’s a field in MyFunctionResult Class )

Hello @vinothnivas ,

the connector sdk in version 0.2.0 will map your result object to a single variable.

You can find the source code here:

I hope this helps