Unable to see the Running Process Instance in Cockpit(Standalone Camunda)

I’m running my Camunda engine in my Spring boot microservice and created sample bpmn file.

However i remotely deploy the Camunda Web Apps ( Admin, cockpit , Tasklist ) in a seperate server.

When i start both the instances, I could able able to see the my process in process definition( Cockpit). But when i invoke my rest service which is running in seperate boot microservice, I could not able to the see the instance running. Thanks in advance for the help.

Is this connected to the same database as is being used by your springboot microservice?

Yes Niall, it is connected to same database i.e postgreSQL

can you upload your process?

MyTest.bpmn (9.8 KB)
I have uploaded my sample bpmn file.

The process doesn’t look like it has any wait states so there you wouldn’t be able to see it in run time.
You can add a wait state by having a message catch event or a user task. As it stands that process will complete before you’d get a chance to see the current state.

is there any solution without having a catch event or a user task to see it in time? I’m running my camunda engine in my spring boot microservice and create sample bpmn file and I used java delegate.

Hi @Lakshan

Welcome to the forum, this topic is quite old would you mind creating a new one detailing the specfic issues you’re having and what you’re trying to do?