Unable to start process if we deploy project without changing BPMN files


We are unable to start the processes if we deploy the same project without modifying BPMN files. (just updated JAVA classes or other required files).

Is this known issue?
is it mandatory to change in the BPMN file if we need to deploy the project again?


Can you give some more details about what exactly happens?

No - thats not necessary - updating the BPMN models will create a new version of the BPMN definition. You should be able to update other artifacts without any problems.

Hi Nail,

Thank you for your quick response.

We have implemented a project with WSDL implementation in it, with java code (through java code we are starting the BPMN process).

ProcessInstance pi = runtimeService.startProcessInstanceByMessage(“productMsg”,“PPO-”+productOrderId,map);

Now the issue is we did some changes in JAVA code and some changes in .ftl file (which is used in service task) and deployed the project again.

issue 1: Now it is not showing new version for the deployment.
issue 2: Now unable to start the BPMN processes using wsdl (we have used message start event to start the process).


Does the deployment fail? what exaclty do you see and what exactly are you expecting to see?

Is there an error in the logs?

Hi Nail,

We are using Spring Boot .

First time deployment working fine. if we change any bpmn file and deploy it again also working fine.
If we changed only java or resource file without touching bpmn and It is deployed then no log issue coming and BPMN is received the request but not progressing after that (stuck with start node only).