Unable to view pizza-order process in Cockpit after deploying to WildFly Server

Hi all,

I am using Camunda 7.6 with wildfly application server.(camunda-bpm-wildfly10-7.6.0). I am new to Java and Camunda.

I am following Java EE tutorial (pizza-order) in the following link:

I am able to deploy the pizza-order.war file in $CAMUNDA_HOME/server/wildfly-VERSION/standalone/deployments folder and it showing that the war file is successfully deployed.

But I open the cockpit and login as a demo user, I cannot see the deployment.

Can you please suggest me what has gone wrong or how to check the problem ?

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Sravan Kumar[details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details]

The Problem has solved.

I have placed persistence.xml and processes.xml to a wrong path.

They should be placed in right path as below:

Once this correction is made I can view the deployment.

Best Regards
Sravan Kumar

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