Understanding the error

Hi community,

I am curious about an error which I hope someone here can me a detailed explanation about and the reason(s) for the occurrence. I’ve had a model working for quite some while now and for some reason out of the blue the following error occurred:

Camunda API returned an error. Status code: InternalServerError. Response: {“type”:“NullValueException”,“message”:“Can’t find scripting engine for ‘feel’: scriptEngine is null”}

Can anyone give me some reasons as to why this can occur? Remember the model worked for quite some while and all of a sudden it stopped working which (almost definitely) excludes a modelling error.

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Edit: Obviously I have some ideas but my technical background isn’t as good as some of the people on this forum so any help is appreciated.

Hi @kingspallett,

it seems that you use a script engine feel somewhere in a BPMN process or a DMN decision. Do you use the FEEL extension?

Possible reasons:

  • the configuration of the process engine has changed
  • the dependency of the FEEL engine was removed from the POM (embedded process engine)
  • the JAR of the FEEL engine was removed from the distribution (shared process engine)

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