Url execution

Question When we write an url and return the url in the script , is it executed ?

Example (Modeller Designer)
Please see the attached screenshot.

Is that URL called ? Yes/ No?

Hi @cofactor,
The url parameter will take the value of the return of the script.
If the url is returned correctly by script and every other parameter of the connector is right, it should call the url.

I don’t know if in javascript it’s enough to mention ‘result’ as last variable, I would try to type ‘return result;’ instead to be sure.

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Thanks. That helped.

I have one more question here .

Does Output parameters take the value of the return of the script ( in this case response here) ?


The return of the script is always what is returned as the variable (if it is applicable: in some cases you can execute a script and not return a stored variable, such as a script task that you do not provide a “variable name” value.)

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