Usage of CamSDK in AngularJS

Hi guys,

I’m trying to use the Camunda JS SDK in my AngularJS application.
I followed the instruction from examples and tried to adopt it to a more Angular way:

 angular.module('appl').service('CamundaService', function(CAMUNDA_URL_BASE) {

‘use strict’;

var camClient = new CamSDK.Client({
mock : false,

var taskService = new camClient.resource(‘task’);

// some functions using the SDK

The access to taskService works fine, but my jslint complains, that CamSDK is not defined.

Do you have an idea how to sole it? Is there any service provider that I could inject?

Kind regards,



If your code works (because you made CamSDK available globally), you can just add a
/* global CamSDK */ within your function (see the docs).

I hope it helps,