User Service Java setting

Hello !! i’m new on camunda so please forgive my incompetence.

So i’m moving on the open source version using the Niall tutorial on youtube
(here is the link --> )

and when i try to lunch, of course, in the open source version i have not chances to see the steps about process. So i would like to understand how i can implement the user service with this situation.
Have i to write some code on eclpse ?
Is the setting to do only on the properties panel in camunda modeler ??

Thank you !!!

Hi @Gae919

Just model another task in that diagram and use the change type to configure it into a user task. The user task does not require additional implementation. example.bpmn (5.4 KB)

If you redeploy and run an instance of that process you will see the active instance as a blue token at the user task. It will be still not possible to see the history data (grey tokens), like in Nialls tutorial but with the user task you have a wait state so you can actually see the active instance.

If you want to complete the task you can navigate to Task list and complete the user task and your process will end.

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Hello Nele, morning !! here we are again :smile: !!
thank you very much for the tip !!!
i’m gonna try right now. So expect some other question in the next hours/day lol.

ps. Sorry again for my unknowledge !!

No worries :slight_smile: Questions are always welcomed!

It is a forum… it would be very boring here without any questions

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