User Task Assignment Problem

Hi @roman.smirnov ,
I previously posted in your google group of camunda bpm forum, here is the link of my post:!topic/camunda-bpm-users/hmbId_bBEPw

When we login into the tasklist as an admin we can see the default filters in the tasklist. We haven’t created any filter yet. Is it mandatory to create new filter?

I extracted this from the github gist you linked in the google groups post

<bpmn:userTask id="UserTask_08z2o4k" name="Recommend form" camunda:candidateGroups="approver1">

This is the task we are talking about correct?

This task is initially assigned to a group approver1. As far as I understand it, you want only users of the group approver1 to be able to see and claim this task.

The follwoing steps should get you there

  1. In Camunda Admin, create a group named approver1
  2. In Camunda Admin, create a new user. Add the user to the group.
  3. In Camunda Tasklist, create a new filter named “Approver 1 Tasks”. Configure the filter such that under Criteria you restrict on Candidate Group and provide approver1 as value. Under Authorization create a READ authorization for the filter for the group approver1
  4. Log in with the newly created user

The user should now only see the new filter and inside the filter the instances of the task.

Relevant Docs Links:

Thank you. :slightly_smiling: