User Tasks and number of instances

Hi community,

I’m currently introducing User tasks as part of BPMN implementation in my company (working as a Business Analyst perspective, I’m not a real IT literate)

I would like to foresee any potential impacts of having multiple process instances awaiting human actions.
From a engine point of view, is there any limitation in terms of parallel workflows (threads) ?
Any experience with such cases ?

Many thanks in advance for your help on this one :wink:


Hi Max,

there is no practical limitation on the number of open user tasks that can exist at any time in the engine. When a user task is pending completion, there are no resources in use in the engine. Simply put, there is a database entry for the task and the engine does nothing with it until a user starts working on it (if the task is claimed, there is a singular, short action to register the current user) or completes the task, after which the process continues.

Since most of those actions are short-lived and the actions themselves take very little time, there can be enormous amounts of open tasks sitting there patiently while nobody works on them.

Many thanks for quick feedback, much appreciated.