User Tasks in Zeebe

Hey Everyone, I’m wondering if there is any update on user task functionality in Zeebe? If I remember correctly from CamundaCon, the original plan was Q2 release, however I dont see a roadmap which includes it, so I’m wondering if it was maybe pushed back or if there were any updates regarding the status of this feature.

Hi @mdiloreto16,

thank you for your interest :slight_smile:

Currently, some of our developers are working on a MVP/prototype for a task list application. I think they want publish the results in a few weeks. It’ll be a first version and will not cover all use cases you may think of.

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Hey Philipp,

Thanks for the quick reply! Thats great to hear it’s coming soon. I’m not sure where you guys are w/ regards to development/testing but if you guys need any guinea pigs to trial run it my team would be willing to play around with it and give some feedback/help with testing.

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