Using a non interrupting Timer event

Hi everyone,

I am modelling the following scenario,

  1. Leave request is placed

  2. A notification is sent to the line manager

  3. Check status of leave request

  4. If the manager did not approve after a certain period of time, send a reminder.

  5. Step 4 to be repeated until the leave is approved

  6. If leave is approved end the process

I would like to pick your brain on my design as I am just getting started on modelling.

Thank you

Hi @Bisoux :wave:

Your model looks good so far. Reading the description, this workflow may also be modeled in the following way.




One difference to your model is that they either include the task of approving the request as a service task, or waiting for the confirmation that the request is approved in a receive task.

Does this help you?

Best regards,


Yes it does help. Thank you very much