Using a Unix socket path for Postgres in Camunda wildfly docker image

I am trying to host camunda-wildfly docker image on GCP Cloudrun connecting to a Cloud SQL instance.

The only way to connect to this SQL database is by using a UNIX socket path instead of DB URL and PORT.

I have seen this work in the tomcat version, and it works.

How do I make this work in the camunda-wildfly docker image?

In the tomcat version, you can simply replace the Postgres driver with JDBC SQL socket factory jar file.

How do you do that in a wildly version?

Hi @ankitshekhawat,

you have to tackle the Wildfly module system to install your database driver: Install the Full Distribution on a JBoss/Wildfly Application Server manually |

There are external links in the sections above that point to examples how install a database driver in Wildfly.

But I have no plan, how to do this in a docker container.

Hope this helps, Ingo