Vacation Request Task

Can someone help me with this simple task ?

build a poc

  1. Deploy camunda to one of our server
  2. create absence request process
  3. using standard task manager asking manager email, start date, end date, reason for time off
  4. manager needs to approve, can send back asking for clarification
  5. then either approve or reject request.
  6. request gets logged in Google
  7. request owner gets email

Camunda 7.6 or 8 onwards

Hello @Automation_User ,

this sounds like a pretty clear process to me.

Camunda 7 and 8 should have all tools on board to fulfill this and let you create the poc within short time.

User forms: I would recommend you to stick to Camunda Forms. They let you design forms with ease and despite not supporting too much elements, it should suit your needs.

Service task implementation: I would go for external tasks in c7. Then, you can use the programming language of your choice (for both c7 and c8). For google sheets, you would require some Sdk or api client for google sheets. For mail, you could use. native mail client impl. Camunda 8 SaaS has a very nice feature here: A mail connector that lets you send mails via sendgrid.

I hope this helps


Hello Jonathan,
Thanks for your response. I tried a lot but I could not finish it. Is it possible to finish this task and share the results ? It would be helpful for me to understand.