Variable forms validation plugin

Hi guys

I would like to know if there is any plugin that provides warnings if the Activity Variable (form) is different from the Flow variable in sequence.

For example

Suppose the “low” flow has an incorrect expression or variable. $ {Way==‘loV’}

I would like the plug-in to inform you that it contains an error in the variable / value of the expression. Is there a possibility?

Thank you very much.

Currently, I think there is no plugin which is linting expressions and usage of variables inside the Modeler. However, we also see a need in this regard and are currently investigating possible solutions.

The latest Modeler release shipped an auto-complete feature for input mapping expressions, which let you select from available process variables. So in your case, it would show the variable coming from the form field and simply use it.

We plan to deliver similar functionality for other fields where you can type expressions. Therefore it would be amazing to hear some feedback or ideas from your side which we could take inside our investigations.

  • Besides auto-completion, can you think about other possibilities the Modeler could support you to create valid expressions?
  • In your screenshot, you show something like a linting validation. Would this be something that would help you?

Hi Niklas, first thanks for the reply.

I’ve been testing version 4.3 and it was a big step forward, but it didn’t fit my use.

A linting validation would be ideal for identifying wrong variables in the flow, or also an auto-complete in other fields such as Form Fields IDs.

With autocomplete, avoid making mistakes in variables. With the lint plugin for checking variables, I would identify where the error is.

Only such a tool would help to prevent errors in forms.

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@Passarela here is a example of a server side linter that you could re-wire to have rules around variable usage:

You just need to write a small plugin that does a server call to lint the BPMN against.

After that it is just deciding how you want to detect and eval the variable names (as there are many ways to define a variable (scripts, expressions, inputs, outputs, listeners, java delegates, etc)