Variable not bound to taskID after submitting user task form

I am using version 7.19.0. After submitting user tasks using taskService’s void complete (String taskId, Map<String, Object>variables) method, I checked the actions in the database_ Hi_ Detail table and act_ Hi_ TASK of the varinst table_ ID_ The fields are all null and there is no binding to the user task ID. This has caused me to be unable to find the submitted form data for historical tasks in the future. Some people said that the history level was set to full, but I followed suit and still did not solve the problem,Please help me answer the reason,thanks.

Hello my friend!

What is the historyLevel field in the ACT_GE_PROPERTY table?
is it with the value 3?

William Robert Alves

hello,my friend,I checked the table and find the filed historyLevel in the ACT_GE_PROPERTY table is 3.

hello,my friend,the historyLevel value appears to be at the global level, and I suspect there may be a problem with the method I called,

I called this method and set the first param the taskId.

Hi @lovemotorboats,

the variables that you pass with taskService.complete(taskId, vars) are treated as process variables. They are not directly connected to the task.

In the ACT_HI_DETAIL table, the column ACT_INST_ID_ references the task where the variable was created.

The TASK_ID_ is used if you create the variable as a local variable.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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Okay,thank u my friend,I got it.This is a great answer to my doubts!

Okay,thank u my friend,I got it.This is a great answer to my doubts!