[Video] Camunda Questoin Corner - Zeebe Special

Hi Community Folk,

The Camunda Code Studio event yesterday was a lot of fun - so thanks for everyone who attended. there where lots and lots of questions, some of which we couldn’t get to, so of course this means that we’re going to run another cool Question Corner! It’s next Friday May 29th 4pm CET/9am ET and this week our special guest will be Salaboy one of Camunda’s great Zeebe DevRel folk. This of course means that as well as answering any of your classic Camunda questions any questions you might have about Zeebe are best answered during the event.

The same as usual applies add your questions Slido and Register to get your invitation to the here


If you want to know what this question corner lark is all about then free free to check out the previously recorded sessions:

Just a reminder that the event is coming up this week - to get your questions in follow this link :slight_smile:

The recording for the question corner is up