View Task not in my Auth Group

Hi, First post. Just started working with Camunda.

Lets say I have a process to wash a car:

Task 1: vacuum car
Task 2: wash car
Task 3. dry car
Task 4. polish wheels

Each task is assigned to a different person, belonging to a different Authorization group.

Lets say I belong to the ‘polish wheels’ group, is it possible to ‘view’ the state of the other tasks not belonging to my group? Basically, I would just like to see a ‘view only’ representation of tasks not belonging to me. So, i am responsible for the wheels, but i can see the activity of the other 3 tasks (but not modify).

Currently, when i call the /task API, i would only receive tasks in my group and not see any of the others. I’d rather see all tasks, but if I submit data for other tasks, it would fail with 401.

Sorry for such a basic beginner question.


Nevermind, i figured it out.

Had to set global READ permission on resourceType 7 on resourceId *