Web modeler REST Connector variables in request body

I am new to Camunda and have started prepared workflows using the “REST Connector” for API calls.
With a static “Request Body” the rest call is working perfect.


I wondering how to use variables I have in the request body to set the values.
E.g. :

“PARAM1”: myVariable1,
“PARAM2”: myVariable2

Didn`t find any examples how this can be done in the web modeler.
(The variables already exists and are also processed in the steps before)

I would be really happy about any support how to pass variables to the request body.

Accourding to Expressions | Camunda Platform 8 Docs

You should be able to set the body value to:

     \"process\": {
         \"name\": \"testprocess\"
     \"prameters": {
           \"PARAM1\": \""+myVariable1+"\",
           \"PARAM2\": \""+myVariable2+"\"

I don’t have a running C8 system, so I haven’t tested that.

Hi ChrisS,
@GotnOGuts is right,
just you don’t have to add the “=” sign and don’t have to escape the double quotes.
Something like this should work:

“process”: {
“name”: “testprocess”
“parmeters”: {
“PARAM1”: myVariable1,
“PARAM2”: myVariable2