Weird Task State


I have an error that bothers me and I wanted to see with you how to avoid it or if there any workaround to fix it when it occurs.

I have a task which executes a huge(pricing) treatment that takes a lot of time. sometimes my server falls for different reasons while my task is still running.
if i restart my server the state of my task remains running indefinitely.

Questions :
Why the state of my task remains running?
Is there a way to retry the task? Rest API?
Can I change the state of my task manually?

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What exactly do you mean with state of your task? Please give more details which Camunda features you use.

Hi Thorben,

Is the state that i see in Camunda cockpit.
The cockpit keep displaying my instance as running one.

Hi @nfahem,

I assume that you see a process instance in Cockpit which is still running, This could be because it is not finished yet. (Just guessing…)
It is a little bit confusing that you are talking for task states and instances.
It will help us to understand better if you give us an example of your process.

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