What happens with executions waiting for messages upon deploying a new version of the model?


I’m new with Camunda and BPMN in general. Trying to understand how message delivery works in this scenario:

I have an execution waiting at an event based gateway. On fork has an intermediate timer catch event, the other has an intermediate message catch event to cancel that timer.

Now, if I understand correctly, if I deploy a new version of this model, the subscription to this message is cancelled, and new instances based on the new version of the model subscribe to it.

Does this mean that the execution based on the previous version will never receive the cancellation message? Only instances based on the new version will?

If so how do I prevent this?


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This is not the case. You’ll have two versions running in parallel with the old instance unaffected by the new deployment.

As addtion to Niall’s post, you may take a look into the Cockpit if you have it installed. When you click on the Running Instances -> your process name, you’ll see the different deployed versions and if they have any instances, where they are currently.

That helped me to understand the way Camunda is handling new deployments.

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Ah, I see now.