What is actual modeler for zeebe 1.x.x?

Hi! I’m trying to take my first steps in Zeebe (self hosted version from docker container camunda/zeebe:latest)
And I can’t figure out which modeler I should use:
GitHub - zeebe-io/zeebe-modeler: Desktop Application for modeling Zeebe Workflows with BPMN - repo is deprecated;
But when i try implement my diagram in Camunda Modeler 4.8.1 - this not worked: Errors like not find zeebe namespace in tags
With zeebee Modeler 0.11 - all works correctly - but its deprecated…

Anyone can say what is right version now and in the future?

Sorry For My Bad English :smiley:

Hi @kenteg,

first, welcome to the community :tada:

Please have a look at the documentation. It points to the following download page:

(the current version is 4.8.1)

Important: If you create a new diagram then you need to select BPMN Diagram (Camunda Cloud).


@philipp.ossler Thank you very much!
Really, i was edit my old bpmn diagrams and not try to create new,
now i found this selection in new-> bpmn diagram (camunda cloud)