What is Flow node instance and how is it getting calculated in cockpit console

Can any one explain what is Flow node instance with respect to a workflow? How cammunda calculates no of flow node instances and displays in cockpit console? how the pricing model depends on flow node instance metrics?

Flow node instances is the sum of the metric activity-instance-start, documented here: https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.8/user-guide/process-engine/metrics/#built-in-metrics, i.e. it counts whenever a BPMN or CMMN activity is started.

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So once a instance of a BPMN or CMMN gets started the counter gets incremented by 1 irrespective of fail or success?
Also in case a parent workflow calls a child workflow, flow node counter will be increased by 1 or “number of sub-process plus the parent process”?
What is the maximum value this counter can take? or it gets reset after a certain time??

One thing I forgot to mention in my first post: activity instances includes events and gateways.


As said, the rule is it counts each activity instance. If your parent process has three activities, the child process has five activities and you run the entire process once, then the result is a flow node counter of eight.

I believe the API response is a 64-bit signed integer.

This is not implemented as a single counter. Instead, the implementation records the count for a duration of time, e.g. 15 minutes. The value displayed in Admin is the sum of that. So should overflows ever become a problem, then you can split the time frame up and fetch the value for each smaller frame individually.


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As I am trying to optimize a workflow, I want to understand it in details. Could you please explain with the sample model which pre-deployed with cammunda ??