What is right partition size for the 3 node zeebe cluster?

Dear Team,

What should be right partition size for the 3 node zeebe cluster ,currently we have configured broker with 25 partitions.

After couple of days usage and testing we have few question as mentioned below.

  1. We observed all the partition leaders are not balanced equally in the cluster.
  2. Is there any way to reassign/re balance the cluster ?
  3. what are the points to be considered for performance testing?

Hi @techpvk,

  1. Yes, this is expected behaviour.
  2. No.

For point 3, see these previous posts:


Hi @jwulf ,

Thanks for quick response.

We are using 3 node cluster with 25 partitions, is it right combination to use ? ,if not can you suggest what is the right approach for choosing the partition no for 3 node cluster

It depends.

What does it depend on? Among other things: the number of threads that your CPUs have, and the characteristics of your workload.

What is the right approach? Watch the video, and then use Falko’s tool to profile your workload.

Or, just try 3 partitions, 6 partitions, 10 partitions, and 25 partitions. Measure performance in each configuration, and use the best one.


sure @jwulf