What is the best way to deploy and maintain a cluster of Camunda servers?

I would like to know the recommended method for maintaining clustered Camunda servers. It seems that under some circumstances, you can deploy a process to a single node and it will run successfully on any server in the cluster. Other times, this is not the case.

The documentation indicates that class loading errors can result from processes that attempt to run on servers that do not possess the class.

What I would really like to do is be able to manage the classes as modules (JBoss) so that the only thing we need to deploy is the process BPMN and associated resources. However, I’ve seen that related FTL files used in the process must also be deployed in the WAR file or it appears they will not be available to the process.

What I want to do here is reduce the process deployment payload to an absolute minimum. Presently, the only components with a “provided” scope are the core Camunda classes included in the distribution.