When Camunda-engine decides to change the version of process-definition

Hi ,

I am deploying process-definitions for Camunda .
I am using 2 different methods to create a project:

  1. Using the method defined in docs.camunda.org and Uploading WAR file every-time there is a change in the process-definition.
  2. Creating a Spring-boot project and running the main method .

Now ,
when i deploy by method 1 : there is a new version everytime , there is a change ( or not) , this is totally dependant on WAR file .

But , when i deploy with Spring-boot and run as “main” , the version number hardly changes( until and unless there is a major change in the process-definition) .

My question is : How the engine actually decides , when to change the version of " process-definition" . ??

Hi @Arsh_Baghel,

The detailed answer of your question is described here.

I didn’t understand which method do you use in the first case.

Best regards,

Hi @yana.vasileva ,
I was following these methods to deploy camunda-app in the first case :

  1. Create a camunda-application , as told at "https://docs.camunda.org/get-started/bpmn20/project-setup/"
  2. Then i do a " maven install " , which creates a WAR file .
  3. Then , i deploy this WAR file on the camunda server ( that I downloaded from https://camunda.org/release/camunda-bpm/tomcat/7.8/camunda-bpm-tomcat-7.8.0.tar.gz ).