Where is Modeling going with Zeebe Alpha 7

I noticed that Zeebe Alpha 7 is introducing User tasks. Much anticipated functionality. The cloud modeler has been updated to include User tasks. I don’t see any sign of the desktop modeler being updated.

What is the roadmap for modeling. Is the desktop modeler being deprecated in favor of the cloud modeler? Will there be an on prem version of cloud modeler available?

I work for a large Financial Corporation and the ability to run on prem is a MAJOR selling point for this technology as these companies still have multiple on prem use cases.

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The Zeebe Modeler is being merged into the Camunda Modeler to provide a single, unified desktop modeler. At the moment it is behind a feature flag in the latest Camunda Modeler release.

It is planned to go mainstream in the next release of the Camunda Modeler.

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Thank you. That was one of the options I had thought you may be considering.