Where should i store template data

In SQL you create a new table to store your types like.

Table Name: Colors
Name | Color | Info
White | #FFF | etc.

But in camunda i cant find out. How i’m suppose to do this?
I need to store this information in a json file and then retrive it?.

Some one told me that i can use decision tables but i dont think thats the correct way.

I need to point that. i need this values to fill some dropdown lists in process start.
And because i have an embedded form i cant use the start process listener.

Thanks to anyone who can put some light in my maind.

#sorry for my bad english.

Hi @diego_trevino,

welcome to our forums :tada:

There are several possibilities to achieve this. You could solve this for example by adding some custom JavaScript to your start form which parses your JSON file.


Hi tasso!, I forgot i never post :slight_smile:
Thanks for your quickly response, but my doubt is about, if camunda has something to store like global information in the database.

Pleace let me explain a bit.
I have multiple companys where the user can choose from in a dropdown list. i usually store this companys in a table in Sql Server. so if i need to change one i update it in the database and everything gets updated.

But in camunda i dont know how to do it.
I can store variables but i need template data (company names).

I know how to retrive information from a json file. but is this the correct way?. its another way?.

Thanks anyway man!.