Why do I get ZeebeGatewayUnavailable errors periodically on Camunda Cloud?

Jeonghoon Kim: Hey team, I played around with local Zeebe deployment for past few weeks and now I’m trying out Camunda Cloud trial. I’ve been encountering backpressure error where not only gateway blocks incoming request but also crashes completely with ZeebeGatewayUnavailable error. Is this simply due to trial cluster size? I see that we can manage cluster configuration (reserved, limit, partition) but for my experiment with trial, is there a metric I can look up on how many request can trial cluster receive?

Josh Wulf: The Gateway in the trial account is on a preemptible node, so your application has to deal with it rescheduling unpredictably.

Jeonghoon Kim: Can you clarify what it means to rescheduling unpredictably?

Josh Wulf: Exactly what you see. It disappears, then reappears. With no ability to predict when it will happen.

“Kubernetes preemptible node” is the thing to research for more context on why this is a thing.

Jeonghoon Kim: Got it. Thank you for your help @Josh Wulf!

Josh Wulf: You’re most welcome

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