Why my bpmn spec test fail?


I get this error from my test which is using bpmn spec. I this the errors gives all the details needed, but I dont understand why is it failing

variables=[ProcessInstanceVariable(variableName=config, variableValue="{\"flappingDetectionWorkflowConfig\":{\"isEnabled\":false,\"bufferTime\":60.000000000,\"type\":\"FLAPPING_DETECTION\",\"bufferTimeInISOFormat\":\"PT1M\"},\"perpetualDetectionWorkflowConfig\":{\"isEnabled\":true},\"alarmId\":\"NOT-IN-USE\",\"workflowId\":\"NOT-IN-USE\"}", scopeElementId=PreProcessingProcess, scopeElementName=), ProcessInstanceVariable(variableName=perpetualOutcome, variableValue="WAIT", scopeElementId=PreProcessingProcess, scopeElementName=)], incidents=[Incident(errorType=EXTRACT_VALUE_ERROR, errorMessage=failed to evaluate expression ' config.flappingDetectionWorkflowConfig.isEnabled = false': expected Context or List of Contextes but found 'ValString({"flappingDetectionWorkflowConfig":{"isEnabled":false,"bufferTime":60.000000000,"type":"FLAPPING_DETECTION","bufferTimeInISOFormat":"PT1M"},"perpetualDetectionWorkflowConfig":{"isEnabled":true},"alarmId":"NOT-IN-USE","workflowId":"NOT-IN-USE"})', elementId=Gateway_177t2q7, elementName=Is FD Enable, state=CREATED)])]] 
Expecting value to be true but was false
Expected :true
Actual   :false

The actual error is failed to evaluate expression ' config.flappingDetectionWorkflowConfig.isEnabled = false , but I see that the value is passed correctly.

Any help please. Let me know as well if this is not clear enough :frowning:

Hi @sherry-ummen,

it seems that the variable config is stored as a string instead of a JSON document.
Please check the client code that passes the variable in the process (e.g. the create instance command).

Does this help you?

Best regards,

thanks Philipp, so I have it done this way

                        bpmnProcessId = workflowProcessId,
                        mapOf("config" to mapper.toJson(getDummyData()))

So it is JsonString … so it seems this is not correct way to do it. I cannot pass the actual object else I will hit the issuse spring boot - Java 8 date/time type java.time.Instant not supported by default Issue : - Stack Overflow . so to overcome that I just parse it to json string with the custom mapper

Then I tried to create my dummy object like this to remove the dateTime object from it

 private fun getDummyPreprocessWorkflowConfig(isFlappingEnabled: Boolean = false): DummyPreprocessConfigData {
        return DummyPreprocessConfigData(
            flappingDetectionWorkflowConfig = DummyFlappingConfigData(
                isEnabled = isFlappingEnabled

    data class DummyPreprocessConfigData(
        val flappingDetectionWorkflowConfig: DummyFlappingConfigData

    data class DummyFlappingConfigData(val isEnabled: Boolean)

But weird thing is that the variable name isEnabled becomes enabled like this

variables=[ProcessInstanceVariable(variableName=config, variableValue={"flappingDetectionWorkflowConfig":{"enabled":false}},

why did it change the variable name ? :smiley: I found this issue java - Jackson renames primitive boolean field by removing ‘is’ - Stack Overflow

but this does not happen when running the code via the client lib, but happens only with the tests

@sherry-ummen thank you for providing the information.

Regarding the serialization of Instant:

If you want to use the temporal value in the process (i.e. in an expression) then you should serialize the temporal value as a string.
Zeebe uses JSON (i.e. MessagePack) to serialize process variables. But JSON doesn’t support temporal values natively.


but this does not happen when running the code via the client lib, but happens only with the tests

How do you create the process instance?
Do you use a Zeebe client? Or, do you use the builder API from BPMN-Spec?

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