Wildcard pattern for Javadelegates in service task

Is that possible to provide wildcard pattern of Javadelegate class name in Service task instead of Fully qualified class name of delegates?

For example:

com.*.delegates.MyDelegate instead of com.foo.bar.delegates.MyDelegate

Why would you need to or want to do this?

Because, we have written hundreds of delegates. And decided to organize the delegates into a package(module wise). So if we organize like this, for running instances it throws ClassNotFound exception. So to avoid this, if we have wildcard pattern to scan the class across all the packages will solve the issue

Well that could be problematic because unless you specify the path it may return more than one result.

A better idea might be to use a Delegate Expression rather than using java class. then you can use named beans and just call the names themselves.

You can check out more information here: https://docs.camunda.org/manual/latest/user-guide/process-engine/delegation-code/