Will Camunda 7.15 work on Java 17?

Looking at the documentation for Camunda 7.15, Java 17 is not supported. Has anybody performed a smoke test or some kind of regression test using Camunda Community Edition version 7.15 on Java 17?

Are there any plans as part of a Roadmap from Camunda whether this will be supported by Camunda 7.15 in the near future?

It for sure doesn’t work with Camunda 7.15 - that version of the engine requires the javascript engine which is removed from java 15 onward.

Camunda 7.16 which will be released next month will support Java 15 and is also might work with Java 17 but I haven’t tried it out.

In future we try to ensure that we support long-supported java versions.

Is it possible to share/publish the Camunda Roadmap and indicate which version of Camunda will support Java 17?

I assume that Camunda 7.17 may support Java 17 and it will probably be released in April 2022, but I don’t want to make these assumptions.

We don’t have a public roadmap for low-level features like that, we do have a ticket for it though.

with that, I can happily confirm that Java 17 will be sported by 7.17 which will be released on the second Tuesday in April 2022.

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Thanks for the information !!!

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