Zeebe 0.13.0 Release


We’re excited to announce that Zeebe 0.13 is available for download.

To get started, please see the Zeebe installation guide.

After October’s 0.12, a substantial release that introduced new concepts to Zeebe and was months in the making, we’re back on a schedule of lighter, more regular releases for the time being. A couple of highlights from 0.13:

  • Intermediate timer catch event: This is the first timer event to be introduced to Zeebe and a step toward the goals laid out in the Q42018 BPMN roadmap. Read more about the intermediate timer catch event in the documentation.
  • HTTP Debug Exporter: An operability feature that adds a debug exporter that exposes an HTTP server for inspecting exported records. The records can be filtered by value type and full text search, and a record can be expanded to inspect its full content.

Here are a few other general product updates:

See our release announcement blog post for more detail.

If you have questions or comments about the release, please let us know. The Community page on the Zeebe site lists a number of ways to get in touch with us.

Kind regards,

The Zeebe Team

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