Zeebe 0.17.0 Release (w/ API changes) + Q2 Roadmap Updated

Hello everyone,

We’re happy to announce the Zeebe 0.17.0 release! We go into more detail in the release blog post: https://zeebe.io/blog/2019/04/announcing-zeebe-0-17-release/

I would like to use the forum to highlight a few API changes in the release:

  • API methods that were previously called payload are now called variables . This update affects the Zeebe CLI, too.
  • Expressions are now written without $ . So, for example, $.foo would now be written as foo . This affects sequence flows out of the Exclusive Gateway in the Zeebe Modeler and also Input/Output variable mappings and Message Correlation Key.
  • For the sake of consistency and clarity, many Maven artifacts were renamed to be prefixed with zeebe instead of zb .
  • In job workers, bufferSize has been changed to the more intuitive maxJobsActive .

Additionally, the exporter API was moved to the package io.zeebe.exporter.api . Previously, it was io.zeebe.exporter.

We also published our Q2-2019 roadmap on the Zeebe site: https://zeebe.io/roadmap/. The team is focused entirely on clustering and stability this quarter as we prepare for a production-ready Zeebe release at the end of Q2 / early Q3.

Keep us posted with questions or feedback!