Zeebe and Operate Releases - June 2019

Hello Zeebe and Operate community,

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of Zeebe 0.18.0 and Operate-1.0.0-alpha11. We collected relevant info about the release in this blog post: https://zeebe.io/blog/2019/06/zeebe-and-operate-june-2019-release/

This is an especially exciting Zeebe release because it’s the last one we have planned before we go “production ready” this summer. We’re eager for feedback and any help that can be provided with testing and uncovering issues.

Please keep us posted with questions or comments.



Hi @wints,

I still experience some sync problems between zeebe and operate. Latest problem was today with zeebe 0.18.0 + operate June 2019

  • deployed BPMN Process X several time to the cluster. Workflow version 1 to 9 was available in operate
  • start several instance of workflow X
  • reboot zeebe cluster. zeebe seems to forget all known workflows
  • deploy BPMN Process X again and start one instance

Now back in operate there’re still 9 version of workflow X. The latest created instance is back to version 1 but filters are not working anymore. Filtering to “Workflow X”, “Version 1” there are no result. Filtering to “Workflow X”, “All versions” there is one instance “Workflow X”, “Version 1”…
Also trying to cancel the instance is still not working…“Canceling instance failed”.

Hi @gizmo84, thanks for reporting this. Two questions that will help us to investigate further:

• How are you running Zeebe?

• If using Docker or Kubernetes, do you persist the Zeebe data directory between restarting the Zeebe cluster?


Solved by this fix: Operate Docker Container, by the look of things…