Zeebe connection failure when connecting to kafka-connect-zeebe configuration

I’m testing my adapter based on Zeebe Node js client which connects Zeebe and our GraphQL services. It works fine with Zeebe configuration which comes with zeebe-docker-compose, however when I try to run it with docker-compose from kafka-connect-zeebe sometimes it fails to connect with the following error:

E0120 17:55:14.006941000 4563518912 chttp2_transport.cc:2838] ipv6:[::1]:26500: Keepalive watchdog fired. Closing transport.

What can be the reason for this?


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Could be the Node version.

See: https://github.com/nodejs/node/commit/18a1796e3cbcf2bcf5303d21de7ff5a2a6fa3bb1

Do you have a reproducer repository that I can look at. Here is an example of one: https://github.com/jwulf/zeebe-3675-reproducer

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Will do. However this can be related to the other problem with docker compose.

Problem disappeared after increase in Docker memory settings (6.5 GB).

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