Zeebe-Db tuning parameters

How to tune Zeebe-db in source code…like
options.setMaxBuffersize(810241024); //8mb (So many parameters are there)
am unable to find the options in rocksdb in Zeebe…please if anyone one know about this leave a message

source code version Zeebe 0.20.2

Hi @Avinashkr1229,

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Please tell more about what you want to do exactly.

RocksDB is used in Zeebe internally. The configuration options are not exposed.

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There is a lot of stalling while running zeebe 0.20.2 broker…I thought tuning zeebe-DB might help the overall throughput

You should definitely upgrade to a newer Zeebe version :sweat_smile:

In the upcoming version 0.25.0, it will be possible to configure RocksDB: https://github.com/zeebe-io/zeebe/issues/5279

if I increase the gateway thread count …whether its gonna solve my problem?

and also I tested the newer version the overall performance decreased in comparison to 0.20.2