Zeebe Engine

What data zeebe engine use when process instance is started and until process is completed on Camunda 8 Self-managed. Can Zeebe engin interact with any external Database system?

Hi @preshp

Zeebe workers can interact with anything. The Zeebe broker does not use a database. It has its own internal data store based on RocksDB.

It can export events to ElasticSearch or any other external system using an exporter.

What do you want to do?


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We re planning to use Zeebe Self-managed option. I saw that you have a zee-be nuget package, so you can use in the project and start process instance, deploy and complete it. But Its for SaaS based platform right? Is it same for Self-managed? or its a different process to connect zee-be in Self-managed (using Kubernetes cluster) ?

The Zeebe C# client can be used for SaaS or Self-Managed.

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Team, I am exploring TaskList to integrate in our workflow engine. We will build our custom tasklist UI to show all the task. Can I use Tasklist GraphQL API for free in production? If not then is there any alternative way to use Tasklist for free in production inorder to use UserTask in BPMN file? Your Help would be appreciated.

Please open a new question.