Zeebe gateway - security not working

Hi I am running zeebe cluster in kubernetes. Everything was working fine with ZEEBE_GATEWAY_SECURITY_ENABLED disabled

I added parameters to gateway manifest

          value: "true"  
          value: "/usr/local/zeebe/cert/cert.pem"  
          value: "/usr/local/zeebe/cert/key.key" 

I added config map with certificate and key, which I mounted. Gateway is running, I connect to the pod and verify that key and cert are there. But when I am trying to connect to gateway via zbctl I am getting this error

Error: rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = Bad Gateway: HTTP status code 502; transport: received the unexpected content-type “text/html”

I am using

zbctl --certPath cert.pem status --address zeebe-gateway.url:443

Any tips what can cause this problem ? When I disabled security it is working

never mind it is working, was using old version of zbctl

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okay this is awkward, I thought that new version of zbctl fix it but I discover that by accident I removed security from gateway, that was the reason why it looks like it is working.

When I enable it, error is back :confused: